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Steynerstore Silicone Handling Instructions

 1 . Shake the bottle of silicone vigorously for at least 2 (two) minutes before each use.

2 . After stirring, pour the silicone into a glass container and place in the microwave to warm up. The gel time depends on the power of your oven and the volume of silicone. It takes about 3 minutes to warm up to the operating temperature of 100 ml of silicone. During the heating process, we recommend stirring the silicone 1-2 times for better gelatinization.

3 . After complete gelatinization, you can add paints, glitters, attractants and mix everything well. (You can add paints, glitters, etc. and "cold")

4 . Now you can draw the silicone into the syringe and send it to your mold. In just 30 seconds, you can remove the bait.

5 . When reheating, it is recommended to stir the silicone 1-2 times.

6. Do not forget about safety precautions! Gloves, mask, robe and care.


About the hardness parameters of our silicone ...

We decided to clarify our concept of the hardness of "liquid silicone" a little. Many (who have not taken it yet) ask: "What is the hardness of silicone?" It is difficult to explain this on the fingers. Below is a photo of lures molded from 4 types of silicone. At least somehow you can navigate by this photo! Bait - Vagabond AirBait 2.5 "(64mm).


New batch of plastisol arrives mid March.