Balista Cyclone LED fishing lure

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The Cyclone chub minnow is a versatile all-rounder whether you're casting in heavy timber for big freshwater beasts or fast trolling for large Salties the Cyclone can do it all.
Featuring our famous 'blood red' LED technology, this consists of a flashing red LED in the tail of the lure. The red light is proven to increase strike rates on your lure through thousands of hours testing in the labs and the field. The Cyclone comes with internal rattle to not only make it more visible but also noisy. 
A single hook setup boasts many advantages including allowing the lure to be worked through thicker timber as well as offering significant strength for handling large fish.
Comes with lithium batteries that last an impressive 200 hours. Just cast the lure into the water which completes the circuit, the LED turns off automatically when the lure is removed from the water.
Body length: 110 mm
Diving depth: 3 Meters
Speed: 8 Knots
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