Balista Firestorm 120 Shallow LED fishing Lure

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The Firestorm 120 Shallow is designed for one thing - to target big predator species. Most popular SA predator fish caught on the Firestorm is the Tiger Fish.
This lure is fitted with super sharp BKK 4X trebles and upgraded split rings so that it's ready to go straight from the packaging, so no need to change it with single hooks. Whether you’re fishing for impoundment or saltwater Brutes, the Firestorm is a sucker for punishment and will stand up to anything that you can serve up to it. 
Every lure in the Balista range features our LED technology - this is a water activated flashing red LED. This technology is scientifically proven to increase strike rates and is particularly effective in dirty water, dawn/dusk, overcast conditions and after dark.
Body length: 120 mm
Diving depth: 0.91 Meters
Speed: 7 Knots
Hooks: BKK 4X
Balista firestorm statistics LED Fishing lure
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