Balista S-Pop LED fishing Lure ( popper )

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The 80mm S-Pop features our LED technology and is designed to reap surface havoc with a combination of large pops and big fizz from the holographic gills, water squeezes through the gills on every pop leaving a traceable trail of bubbles. Engineered to offer as many strike generating features as we can physically fit into this lure, allow the Balista S-Pop to generate you a strike when nothing else is working.
The LED is at its most effective in lower light conditions such as overcast conditions, the first and last hour of the day, brackish water and after dark. If you can notice the LED flashing in your hand you know its going to be highly visible to the fish, giving you a serious advantage.
You can really notice the LED working for you if you get a bite that doesn't hook up leave the lure stationary for up to 60 seconds and that fish will quite often come back and eat it whilst the lure sits there flashing.
Comes fitted with ultra-sharp 3X BKK hooks, so they are ready to fish straight from the packet. BKK hooks are super prickly, ideal for surface fishing when every hook up is precious.
Next time you're surface fishing make sure you have an S-Pop on hand, they are highly effective on Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and many other surface feeding species.
Body length: 80 mm
Hooks: BKK 3
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