LED deepdrop fishing lure

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With this LED you can turn any basic lure into an LED lure, or attach to hook to make bait more visible in dirty water.
Visual positioning accurate.
High brightness display LED light.
Low power consumption, ultra-long shine time.
Powered by a CR927 battery, it is irreplaceable.
A great way for attracting fish in deep dropping fishing.
Great Tool to enjoy your fishing activity.
They can be used as a small clamp, which can be used as fixture and bait,
or used with the combination of shrimp and squid skirt. to attract fish.
Flash Modes: automatically flash when drop it into the water and the light goes out when out of water.
Type: LED Light Bait
Depth ratio: 600 meters
Net Weight: 50g
Total Length: 65mm
Fishing LED lure safety badges



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