Pigment Fluor Light Green (HX-11) Acid

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Weight: 0.030 kg

Model: Pigment Fluor Light Green (HX-11) Acid

Manufacturer: Steynerstore.co.za

The Volume: 25 ml

For the correct result it is necessary to add to the cold plastisol

Pigments on a natural basis, prepared according  to the recipes athletes anglers.  Basic flavorings –  fish oil,  perfect for making edible baits – has a natural smell of fish oil

Fluorescent pigments have gained popularity due to the flashy colors. Chemically they represent solid particles obtained by mixing one or more pigments in a transparent synthetic plastic high molecular weight. Fluorescent pigments emit color due to the partial reflection of the incident light and the remaining light being absorbed, heats the particles. However, a portion of the absorbed fluorescent pigments energy is converted into radiation of their own color – it changed the glow becomes brighter than the light falling on the pigment – this phenomenon is called fluorescence