Vibra-Strike 3 Rechargeable LED fishing lure

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The JerkQueen is the most technologically advanced fishing lure in United States at present. The flashes, vibrates, buzzes,and twitches systems will start to work after 3 seconds in the water. And it will be vibrating, flashing and twitching twice every 10 seconds to attract the big fish to strike. Designed to be versatile and long casting.The JerkQueen flashes, vibrates, buzzes, and twitches to be the closest thing to that best live bait that is irresistible to predators. Unlike other imitations on the market, the JerkQueen utilizes anti-creep proprietary technology to be fully water sealed. So you can hook fish during the day, in the dark, in streams, in lakes, deep in the water column all day ! Charge it with a USB charger in minutes for full day of use ! At the same time, it adopts clip-type charging method to solve the leakage problem of traditional charging lure.This JerkQueen is an advanced fishing lure bringing to you a new experience.

Product Details:
Type: Slow Sinking
Length: 125 mm
Weight: 26 g
Depth:1 - 5 m whole water layers
Hook Size:6* Mustad hook

Package include:

1 x LED Vibrating lure
1 x USB Cable